Strategic Digital Marketing

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Strategic Digital Marketing combines the perspectives of seasoned digital practitioners with the academic rigor of a top research institution to produce a truly comprehensive approach the modern marketing. The three-part approach is widely used by corporate marketers, Fortune 50 executives, and university students alike. The book is comprised of three parts, spanning a familiarization with the digital world, specific channel strategies, and digital implementation to incite organizational change. We firmly believe that in our rapidly-changing digital world, no individual can truly be an expert in every area of digital, so we’ve enlisted the aid of nine contributing authors to write thought-leading chapters in their respective disciplines of expertise. For this reason, Strategic Digital Marketing is the most complete and effective digital marketing book on the market today. We’re confident that it will open your eyes to the new digital paradigm, and help you to master techniques that effectively reach customers in this digital age.

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Chapter Outline


Part 1: Our New Digital World

Chapter 1: The Digital Paradigm (by Alexander Kates & Eric Greenberg)

a) The New World of Marketing
b) The Modern Digital Consumer
c) The New Consumer’s Journey

Chapter 2: Marketing Strategies for a Digital World (by Alexander Kates & Eric Greenberg)

a) State of the Modern Digital Ecosystem
b) Being Liquid: The Marketer’s New Role
c) Getting Started: Learning by Example
d) The Ultimate Goal of Digital Marketing: ROI
e) A Framework for Digital Success

Chapter 3: Managing Content in a Digital Age (by Neil Perkin)

a) Paid, Owned, Earned (w/ content at the center)
b) Importance of Content Marketing
c) Content strategies and frameworks, including curation
d) Holistic Liquid Content Strategies for a unified and fluid org view of content marketing

Part 2: Achieving Success in Digital Marketing Channels

Chapter 4: Search Marketing: If They Can’t Find It, They Can’t Buy It (by Mike Moran)

a) Why Search is Important
b) How Searchers Work
c) The Types of Search Marketing
d) The Language of Search
e) Succeeding at Search Marketing
f) Measuring Search Success
g) Search Trends

Chapter 5: Mobile Marketing: Innovation On-the-Go (by Alexander Kates)

a) The Mobile World We Live In
b) The Modern Mobile Consumer
c) Mobile Unwires Marketers from Former Constraints
d) Mobile Website Considerations
e) SMS & MMS Campaigns
f) Mobile Applications: The Low-Down
g) Mobile Technologies to Watch: Snacks for Thought
h) Measuring Mobile Marketing Success
i) Device Convergence and the Future Mobile Landscape

Chapter 6: Video Marketing (by Greg Jarboe)

a) Who Discovers and Watches Videos?
b) Steps to Plan, Shoot, Edit, and Publish
c) Building Video Channel Strategy
d) Promotion and Community-Building
e) Tools of the Trade

Chapter 7: Social Media Marketing (by Stan Smith)

a) What is Social Media?
b) The New Digital Experience
c) Why Social Media is Important
d) Social Media Channel Strategy
e) Tools of the Trade
f) Best-in-Class Examples
g) Social Media ROI
h) The Future of Social Media

Chapter 8: Understanding the Law in Digital Marketing (by Glen Gilmore)

a) Keeping Pace with the Law in Digital Marketing
b) Creating a Framework for Social Media Governance and Compliance
c) The FTC’s Social Media Guidelines
d) The FTC’s New Privacy Framework
e) Copyright and Fair Use: The Basics
f) Compliance with International Law
g) Guidelines for Mobile Applications
h) Social Media Contests
i) Compliance in Highly-Regulated Industries
j) Trends and the Future of Digital Marketing Law

Chapter 9: Building Websites with Purpose that Generate Results (by Jeremy Floyd)

a) The Website-Building Process
b) Planning Your Website
c) Measuring the Success of Your Website

Chapter 10: Measurement & ROI of Digital (by Rob Peterson)

a) Analytics and Measurement Tools
b) Measurement best practices & strategies
c) Steps toward accurate ROI measurement
d) How analytics are built into campaign design
e) How analytics improves learning & makes the most of digital

Part 3: Completing the Digital Transformation

Chapter 11: Digital Leadership Principles (by Bob Pearson)

a) Igniting change yourself from within
b) Principles that define digital leaders

Chapter 12: Designing Organizations for Digital (by Amy Kates)

a) What Do We Mean by Digital?
b) Where Does Digital Fit Within the Modern Organization
c) The Path Toward Distributed Digital Design

Chapter 14: The Path to an Innovative, Digital-Centric Organization (by Alexander Kates & Eric Greenberg)

a) Six Habits of Highly-Successful Firms
b) Digital Transformation Framework

Concluding Thoughts